Group music classes for children and a caregiver geared towards exploring music and enhancing early child development.

Each Musikgarten class we offer meets once a week for 2 semesters.

Fall 2019:  Sept. 3, 2019- Nov. 22 2019 (12 weeks)

Spring 2020:  Jan. 14, 2020 - April 1, 2020 (12 weeks)

Tuition: $170 per child/per semester

Tuition includes all take home materials and a once a week class.

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Classes and Times:

  • Family Music for Toddlers (18 mo. - 3 yrs.)
    Tuesdays 9:45 - 10:30 am
    Wednesdays 9:45 - 10:30 am

Why Musikgarten?

Children are naturally drawn to music. They love to listen to it and move with it. Our program not only draws on a child's natural love of music, but also uses music to develop many skills that are appropriate for young children.

In our baby classes, we focus on creating bonding moments between the child and caregiver. Many of our activities include bouncing, which helps to develop the child's balance and sense of a steady beat. We focus on exposing the babies to each part of our curriculum. This focus allows them to start internalizing the things we sing and play so they are even more prepared for future music education in our toddler classes.

Our toddler classes focus on developing a child's impulse control and social abilities. We also work on learning to repeat sung and spoken patterns, while continuing to incorporate an internalization of a steady beat. Language development is also a large part of our curriculum. We use listening, pictures, and music to help the children learn words and their proper associations.

With our preschoolers, we continue to develop the same skills within the child as in our earlier classes. At this age, there is in an obvious improvement and understanding of the musical concepts they have been introduced to. We will see much more independence in the child from the caregiver, and they will begin to be more social with each other as well as the other adults in the classroom. This is also the age where their creativity and imagination explodes. Our curriculum works to help develop the already blooming creativity of the preschooler and uses it to enhance their learning in other areas.